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No Operating System Found

I've had my Qosmio for less than 3 months and have already had more issues with it than my 3 year old Dell. My newest problem has to do with getting a "No Operating System Found" message when turning my computer on this morning.


I've also been getting blank screens with a message about my display driver not responding.


And here I thought that the rattling sound it makes was my biggest worry.

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Re: No Operating System Found

If you were seriously hearing noises coming from it and you now get no operating messages, then it is possible that your hard drive has failed.

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Re: No Operating System Found

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I've got the no OS message twice on bootup in the 2 months I have had my 870. In my case I think it is the hard drive vibration sensor. This locks down the hard drive when it detects movement. I normally have the laptop sitting on the bed (on a laptop tray) and both times I had sat down on the bed while it was booting. I have not seen the error since I started being careful about movement during bootup.


Of course as the previous poster indicated that error usually means a failed or failing hard drive. Run a boot time scan of the drive to make sure there is no problems with it.

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Re: No Operating System Found

Thanks for the responses. I find it hard to believe that a couple month old computer would have a failed hard drive but stranger things have happened.


How exactly do you run a boot scan?



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Re: No Operating System Found

How exactly do you run a boot scan?

See this article.


   Run Check Disk from a Command Line to Check for and fix Disk Errors