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NEW Satellite A505 - Blu-ray won't play on WinDVD or Toshiba DVD player

I purchased a Satellite A505 (Windows 7) with a Blu-ray disc player that was pre-loaded with WinDVD, Toshiba DVD player, and one other player (?) - all this software was added 12/21/2009 (by the manufacturer). When I put in a Blu-ray disc WinDVD stops responding and I have to start the task manager to "end task." The Toshiba player says "media not supported." I used the recommended compatibility settings (Windows XP) and it says "incompatible application." I tried using a Sony Vaio w/ Blu-ray and had no problems with the same disc using WinDVD. I don't know what's wrong (and I'm not super tech savvy) - my settings, my drivers, my hardware... ???


I also downloaded the free trial of Corel's WinDVD 2010 and it wouldn't play on that either...


*Note - my model number is A505-S6012 but I can't find this as an existing model on any of the Toshiba sites. It was delivered to the store around 1/4/10, so it's brand new. The A505-S6990 has most of the same features though.

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Re: NEW Satellite A505 - Blu-ray won't play on WinDVD or Toshiba DVD player

I have a p505-8980, and same problem. The InterVideo program was the only one that worked, not Corel or Toshiba DVD.InterVideo came preloaded along with the others, so I wonder why Toshiba felt the need to preload 3 different DVD software programs!?!??


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Re: NEW Satellite A505 - Blu-ray won't play on WinDVD or Toshiba DVD player

There is another BD Player that you can use in the Program List.  Hope you found it already.  Enjoy.

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Re: NEW Satellite A505 - Blu-ray won't play on WinDVD or Toshiba DVD player

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I had the exact same issue with the Win DVD BD that was preloaded on my A505-S6014 when I purchased it. I myself also downloaded the Win DVD 2010 free trial and it did not work. Reason being is that they are only allowing people to trial the DVD version of Win DVD 2010 and not the Win DVD BD 2010. I also tried Cyberlink's PowerDVD and it worked but it digitized terribly. So I uninstalled both trials and went to and found what I needed to fix it.


I recommend you uninstall the original Win DVD BD version you have and any trial editions you downloaded and follow what I have listed below to fix your problem.


This is only a recommendation. Uninstall and install software at your own risk. If this fix doesn't work for you then you will have to call Toshiba and request a disc to reinstall your original software you uninstalled.


This is how I fixed mine:

Go to Support > Download > then choose your category (Laptop) then your Family (Satellite) then you're model #(A505-6012). Or you can just enter S6012 in the search box and it should bring up a list of all Laptop models with S6012 in them. Choose yours and click Go.


Now from the two drop down lists choose which Operating system: (Windows 7 64 bit) should be what you have, then choose Blu-Ray in the 2nd drop down list.


Download and SAVE these files to your desktop or My Downloads folder so you do not have to search for them again after you reboot.


You should now see this listed:

WinDVD BD for Toshiba for Windows 7 (32/64)(v8.0; 11-05-2009; 176.1M)


Also you will need to download the (Intel Management Engine Interface driver) which is listed in the drop down list under Utility (2nd page):

Intel Management Engine Interface for Windows XP/7 (32/64)(v6.0.0.1184; 10-08-2009; 6.39M)


Reboot after each installation even if it doesnt tell you to.


After both downloads have been installed and the OS is completely loaded again, insert a Blu-Ray disc and hopefully it should automatically play.



P.S. When playing Blu-Ray's I turn my power management to Performance. This may also help.


Good luck!


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Re: NEW Satellite A505 - Blu-ray won't play on WinDVD or Toshiba DVD player

Hailogaguy is a genius.  This fixed my windvd bd player, with the addition of the version 8 patch download posted on 10/26/10.  Instructions were good, but be sure to use the windvd bd version 8 download posted on 2/17/10 (released 11-5-09). Sincerely, Linda T