NB505-500BL: Disk Read Error Occurred

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NB505-500BL: Disk Read Error Occurred

Father has a NB505-500BL and it will not start up after BIOS boots. BIOS looks fine, it recognizes the HD (MK2565GSXN) as primary drive to boot from, but as it starts up after BIOS, stays on black screen displaying only, "A disk read error occurred, press Control-Alt-Delete to restart". This is all it does.

I tried:

1) removing and re-installing the HD and additional RAM chip (additional RAM installed long before). No change

2) Toshiba recovery by pressing "0" during boot up (No recovery window popped up): No change



a) are there other things I can troubleshoot before assuming a HD failure? All I see is this same error reading.

Is it best to call tech support line? I am hoping to do quick HD swap test first.

b) If it is hard drive failure, then hopefully will see if swapping in another HD will fix problem?

c) If new HD installed, how can I get Win 7 OS reinstalled on new drive? Father doesn't have OS hard copy; will purchase of Toshiba Recovery Media have OS re-installation as part of the recovery ?

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Re: NB505-500BL: Disk Read Error Occurred

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Are there files your father needs to save from this hard drive? No?


If not, try the Toshiba Recovery once more. Power off the unit, press and hold down the '0' (zero) key while powering on the unit, keep holding the '0' key down until you hopefully see the recovery menu. Return the unit to its factory default out-of-the-box setup.


Yes, running the Toshiba Recovery utility from either the recovery partition on your HDD (as above), or running from the recovery disks/media will reinstall the OS, all Toshiba drivers and utilities, and all software the system originally came with, as implied by 'out-of-the-box' setup.



If your father has files he'd like to save, one these might help, and will tell you if the hard drive is still viable:


usb 2.0 2.5 disk enclosure



Or, you could try this process. This will also tell us if your unit will still boot up using another drive, and if your hard drive is actually accessible. On another computer:


1. Prepare a thumb drive formatted in FAT32. It doesn't need to be large. This stuff usually only occupies about 130 MB.


2. Download UNetbootin to create the thumb drive.


3. Download a Puppy Linux .iso file for the operating system.


4. Run Unetbootin-windows-xxx.exe and point it to the Lupu-xxx.iso file to create a bootable drive.


5. When you power on your computer, hold down the F12 key. That should give you the opportunity to choose the boot drive.


6. For some tips, scroll down to the following sections at this web page.


   Mounting drives and partitions in Puppy Linux


   Copying your files to external hard disk or USB flash drive


Let us know what happens with this, if you're able to boot up, access your hard drive and recover your user files.


Good luck.