NB205 Netbook- replace hard drive

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NB205 Netbook- replace hard drive

Be gentle, since I'm not very technical.....


I was preparing my rarely used Netbook (XP version) to give to my elderly father & installed AVG with current virus definitions with no problem.  When I went to upgrade to the current version of Firefox, it hung.  When I tried to reboot, it wouldn't & started clicking.  From what I've been told, the hard drive probably crashed & needs to be replaced.  Any other ideas?


If that's all it is, will any SATA 2.5 work & can I go to 7200 vs 5400?  Since I never created a restore disc (no CD drive), do I have to buy from Toshiba?


And are there directions for replacing the hard drive, since I hope to do it myself?




Karen in Texas

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Re: NB205 Netbook- replace hard drive

Which NB205, Karen?


I've attached some pictures to help you replace the disk. You will re-use the existing caddy ("plate" in the picture).


You will need to order the recovery discs from Toshiba.


   Order Toshiba Recovery Media

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Re: NB205 Netbook- replace hard drive

What size torx wrench/drive do I need to remove the cover on the NB205 to access the HDD and where can I purchase the correct tool?

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Re: NB205 Netbook- replace hard drive & install software

I saw this  old thread, and thought I'd post here.


It seems the HDD on my Toshiba NB205 has died.  I never backed it up, but no big loss of data.  However, I have no recovery disks that I know of, nor do I have an external dvd drive.


So, even if I buy and install a new HDD, how would I get Windows installed, and all the Toshiba software installed?



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Re: NB205 Netbook- replace hard drive & install software

Next time you post on the Forums, please start your own thread rather than piggy back on  another--in this case, one over a year old!  Recovery Media is also available in USB form.  I'm not sure about your specific machine. Go HERE and scroll down to order.


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