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My laptop is shutting down on its own.

My laptop is shutting down for no reason. It gives no warning or prompts at all when rebooted ... just starts over as normal. I've had problems w/it overheating since I've purchased it and have to keep a small fan pointed directly at it when its on. But now it just shuts down w/out being warm at all.
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Re: My laptop is shutting down on its own.

Did you buy your machine new?  If so, how long ago, it might be covered under the standard warranty.


Following that, I would recommend having the machine taken to a Service Provider and checked out.


There are a lot of things that come into play with overheating, and if your machine is under warranty, that would be the first step.

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Re: My laptop is shutting down on its own.

 Take the battery out and check the power adapter for any signs of fraying.  As was previously noted OVERHEATING can be caused by many factors: is there a chill pad in use to cool the unit and provide proper air flow, has the unit fan and exhaust ports cleaned and free of dust mites.  BTW: that fan is pushing more dust debris into the unit, so on one hand a relief, but it is causing more problems.  Climate and humidity are a conern for any unit.