My computer won't come back from hibernate mode

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My computer won't come back from hibernate mode

My computer is a Toshiba Satellite A305-S6825, and I've been having some problems with it. I am in college and often need to be able to get back to what I'm doing, so I use the hibernate function often. A while back, it started having an odd little issue--sometimes, when I try to start it back up from hibernate, the power light will come on, and I can hear the fan running lightly, but the screen stays black and won't do anything. Usually, after fiddling with it for a bit, it randomly starts working again. However, the problem has become increasingly frequent, and it worries me.


So I looked up some information and saw that using hibernate is not good for Toshiba computers. Oops! Knowing that, I started using sleep mode instead. Everything was working great until last night. Yesterday afternoon, I had to rush away from the computer because of a family emergency. I have no idea if I pressed sleep or hibernate. My guess is that I accidentally pressed the hibernate option out of habit because I have been fighting with it since last night, and it simply won't start up properly.


Here's what happens:

I press the power button. It makes the little internal starting up noise, and the fan starts. The power button also lights up, and the power light below the mouse pad lights up. It recognizes when it is and isn't plugged in. So by that point, you'd think that the screen would have lit up or something. Nope. It stays black, and it's not the "I'm trying to turn on" black. I mean the kind of black that it would be if the screen wasn't working.


Having said that, no, it's not a screen issue. I have a friend who is excellent with computers and said that was the problem. I told him, no, it's done this before, and when it worked again, the screen was just fine every time. So he took out the battery, and after putting it back in, it worked again! Yay! I was, of course, worried about it happening again, so he had me put it into hibernate (This was before I found out not to use hibernate) and back on. Black screen again.


So we ran down the battery because it could be overcharged. When I got home, the computer did the same thing again. It randomly started working again, so I did some research and found out about not using hibernate.


Other things:

-Leaving it on in its not-quite-started state does not change anything. It makes absolutely no attempt to start up once the light is on and the hard drive is spinning.

-Whether it's plugged in or not makes no difference.

-Pressing keys and such does not do anything when it's in the dark-screen state.

-When it works again, it returns to the sign-in screen and goes back to the state it was in before I'd put it into hibernate.


It seems like it might be a motherboard issue or something. I have a lot of important things on my computer, and I just want the opportunity to back it all up before reformatting or chucking it.

Are there any solutions that will help me get it back up and running? I can't really afford to get a new computer (but will if absolutely, without a doubt must do so), so permanent solutions are preferable, but I will take anything I can get.

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Re: My computer won't come back from hibernate mode


Satellite A305-S6825 


I have a lot of important things on my computer, and I just want the opportunity to back it all up before reformatting or chucking it.

If the hard drive works okay, you should be able to rescue files by booting into another OS this way.


1. Prepare a thumb drive formatted in FAT32. It doesn't need to be large. This stuff only occupies 130 MB on mine.


2. Download UNetbootin to create the thumb drive.


3. Download a Puppy Linux .iso file for the operating system.


4. Run Unetbootin-windows-xxx.exe and point it to the Lupu-xxx.iso file to create a bootable drive.


5. When you power on your computer, hold down the F12 key. That should give you the opportunity to choose the boot drive.


6. For some tips, scroll down to the following sections at this web page.


   Mounting drives and partitions in Puppy Linux


   Copying your files to external hard disk or USB flash drive

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Re: My computer won't come back from hibernate mode

So... has anyone found a solution to this? I believe mine was in Sleep when it was doing the same thing. I'd shut the laptop and it'd go into sleep, and I'd have to reset my laptop with the power button to get it back up and running. In your case, wanting to back everything up, you'd be better off with an external HD (unless you want to use that method the other gentleman explained), but I'm not worried about that. I just want to know for personal knowledge, I like to have an encyclopedia in my mind of troubleshooting out of hobby. So I still search for a legit solution.