My Toshiba Laptop says media failed

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My Toshiba Laptop says media failed

I have a satellite laptop. I tried to reset it, I think I did. It was going to slow and I decided to delete everything off. I then returned to turn it on and it turns on to the "Toshiba Leading Innovation" then says all these words over and over. Something about media failed. or something. I can't call the Toshiba people . Anything I can do? I really need help.
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Re: My Toshiba Laptop says media failed

Hi! Your post is very confusing. When you say you deleted every thing and reset is not familiar to me. I think you may need to go back to factory. If you need help going back to factory, someone can help you. Just because your PC seems to be slow is not a reason to start deleting. If you really want help and are serious, I will try to help, but you must be more specific.


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