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Hi all!


I just bought a Toshiba Satellite R850-10F a few days ago. My microphone is built in with my webcam. I decided to test the mic by using skype, but the mic didn't catch any sounds at all. I tried the webcam program on my computer to record a little video to test both mic and cam worked perfectly. The second time I recorded a video, the mic didn't work. I have checked that my mic is not muted, that the volume is at 100%. I would really appreciate some advice on what I should do =)



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Intermittent problems are the worst, just to figure out what is wrong. The internal microphone works and then it doesn't. So what changed? Any new hardware or software? Any changes in the settings? One of the downsides of a laptop is the lack of distance. Take a tape measure and you will see that there is less than a foot between the internal microphone and the speakers. For a better Skype experience, consider plugging in an external microphone. Save you from feedback between the speakers and the microphone.


Go to All Programs, and click on the Accessories folder. Choose the Sound Recorder icon and see if you can tape yourself saying something. Play the file afterwards and see how it sounds. If it works here, it could be a problem with the program you are using. Check the program settings and make sure it is seeing the internal microphone correctly. Also go to the Control Panel and click on the Sound icon. Click the Recording tab and go thur the different options. You may want to select the "Listen" option so that it should hear the microphone all the time. But then again, this setting can cause you to hear the same thing twice with a minor delay between the 2 inputs if the program you are using is also using the microphone.