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Laptop wont come on.

My wife has a Toshiba laptop... is about 2 years old and recently it had started freezing on her. The other day she went to turn it on and the power light came on but nothing else... no hdd activity light and the screen appeared to remain off. I took the battery out and had the ac plug in and tried powering it on straight through the plug and the same thing, i reseated the ram and took the hdd out and placed it back in with nothing. The optical drive is coming on and sounds like the fans may be coming on. the function key light works and the light under the caps key flashes at powering on, as well as the wireless indicator light, I tried the trick i found about taking the ac hook up off and battery out and holding the power key and nothing changed, also hooked it to an external monitor and it stayed blank I get no beeps of any kind. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

its a Toshiba laptop model: pslc8u-03701q