Laptop locking up after a few minutes of use...

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Laptop locking up after a few minutes of use...



Hoping someone can help.  I have a satellite L55D-S5050 laptop that I love.  However, I have had constant problems with the laptop locking up.  After putting up with this for a few months, I wiped the laptop clean and reinstalled everything.  The problem seemed to have been resolved and was working wonderfully for a while.  Then one day, I noticed the fan was running very loudly and after rebooting the computer, I have the same lockup problems since.  I am not sure what to do at this point.  I suspect the computer is overheating, but shouldn't the fan take care of this?  Do I need to replace the fan?  This is a fairly new laptop purchased from Best Buy.  I love the laptop but I am very frustrated with having this problem because I just cannot use it. 


Any suggestions would be appreciated.