L675D-S7052 overheating

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L675D-S7052 overheating

I tried search, couldn't find anything.


I have an L675D-S7052 that has recently been overheating to point where it is shutting down.  I have tried searching, and do not see any technical service bulletins regarding this problem.  I also cannot seem to find the fan controls, to determine if the fan is turning on, or the CPU temperature. 


Can someone send me send me in the right direction?

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Re: L675D-S7052 overheating

try to check if there is warm air comming out from the laptops vent. if not, most probably its the fan that causes the laptops overheating issue.


if your still in warranty, call the toshiba tech support they can send the laptop for repairs.



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Re: L675D-S7052 overheating

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Satellite L675D-S7052 Specifications



Your model came with the Toshiba PC Health Monitor. Click 'Start - All Programs - Toshiba - Utilities - PC Health Monitor'. You should be able to check your temperatures and fan speed in there I believe.



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Re: L675D-S7052 overheating

Old thread revival!


Is there anyway or what is the easiest way to change the fan speed on my L675D-S7052?? 


When I go into Toshiba PC Health Monitor it says the the temp is fine, but it is smoking hot and my fan is only running at like 60%.  So I would like to set a cooler temp even if it causes the fan to run at like 75-80% most of the time.  Toshiba PC Health Monitor doesn't have any setting to change (that I can find).



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Re: L675D-S7052 overheating

Maybe the fan is running slowly because it's clogged with dirt.  Try some short blasts of compressed air from a can, is what I'd do.  If that doesn't make the fan speed up and the CPU cool down, then probably a disasemble and clean or possibly replace the fan and the thermal paste on the CPU is what you need.