How to uninstall some apps

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How to uninstall some apps

Hello there, Toshiba notebook comes with some useful apps, and I really like them. But I seldom use some of them, So can I uninstall some of them in control pannel add/remove software? addvalued pack etc


and I bought a better Logitech Webcam, don't use the buit-in webcam any more, how could I uninstall the hardware? I tried the device manager but surprisingly the last time I skype with some guy, it came back. OMG!! Do I have to use a black sharpie :-) lol 


last but not least, Toshiba guys(T-Guy) what are your favorite app bundled with lappy? 

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Re: How to uninstall some apps

Yes, use of the Control Panel to uninstall applications not needed is a good way to go. You might want to be careful about what Toshiba items you want to delete--just read over their titles in the Toshiba Guide for their usefulness.  Keep the Added Value Pack-does save lives!


Webcam should have uninstalled without a problem, ensure that the new cam is identified in the Device Manager.  Disable the other cam in Device Manager--right click on that cam and hit disable.  Go into Skype and select view device.


Query:  what are your favorite app bundled with lappy?  For me,games are fun until bored so they can go. The ones I personally select and can utilize for my functions are often the best, if a new edition can provide a better end result then i will consider buying that product. Overall, if the present software/apps meet my needs i stay put. Newer versions may have more bells, but will I use them?  Yes, I deliberately did not mention specific products.