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How to transfer data from old computer to new one....

I just bought a toshiba laptop and want to transfer my information from my mac laptop to my toshiba.  I also have a Desk Top which i would like to transfer all the information to the toshiba.  How do i do this as the Toshiba does not have a firewire port??

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Re: How to transfer data from old computer to new one....

Do you have a network?  If so, the easiest would be to connect both machines to the network, then Share a folder on the new Windows computer. 


Then you should be able to use the Finder Go/Connect to server menu on the Mac


Use something like:   smb://<ip_address_of_windows_machine>


You may have to type in the user name and account that you use on the windows machine.


That should get you to seeing the shared folder onthe new computer.  Copy over whatever files you want to move.


Target Disk mode via Firewire would be the neatest, but I don't think it would work, as Windows doesn't understand the format that your Mac probably uses.