How to replace a cooling fan.

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How to replace a cooling fan.

Recently my toshiba satellite l455d-S5976 laptop started to over heat, and shut down from it. Figuring that simply clearing some gunk from the inside would solve my issues, I stupidly used a can of compressed air to blow into all the vents along the sides and bottom of the laptop. Later I find out that, since I didn't do anything to stop my fan from spinning too fast, I had completely ruined the laptop to the point that it would not stay on for more than 10 minutes without switching off.


My warranty is long since gone, and I don't have 200-500 dollars to pay for repairs that the representitive on the phone told me it would cost. After doing a little bit of research I've found a 25 dollar fan I can order online, and a recommended thermal grease to use with it.


However, this series of laptop seems to be fairly obscure, and the only information I can find about opening it up is to replace the CPU itself. To do that, however, it sais that you would need to completely dissasemble the laptop. I'm sure if push came to shove, I could manage to do so, but no doubt with quite a bit of a headache, but then on other series of Toshiba laptops I understand you can replace the fan/heatsink by simply removing the battery, unscrewing one panel, and replacing the parts from there. Is that possible with this series?


Also, do the fans come together as one unit with a heatsink, or do I have to detach the current fan from my heatsink and just replace the fan itself? If that's the case, I won't be needing to buy any thermal grease.


If it's any help here is the link to the fan and thermal grease I'm considering purchasing.




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Re: How to replace a cooling fan.

I don't know much about your particular laptop, but all laptops I have delt with, I needed to dissasemble the laptop in order to replace the fan.


If you do not think you are up for doing the replacement and don't have the money to take it in to a shop, i recomend you try out a cooling pad.  it shoots up air into your computer and cools it down. It is powered by your USB port.


However if you really want to fix it.  you should open it up by removing all the screws, opening up the laptop, remember to disconnect any cables, unplug fan, unscrew the fan/heatsink, replace, do everything again in opposite order.  For themal paste...I am not sure for your particular model, you would have to open your laptop to find out.