How to clean fan on A215-S7462

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How to clean fan on A215-S7462

I've been looking for manual on how to take apart a A215-S7462 so I can clean the fan. It has been overheating and shutting down a lot in the summer.


Is there any guide I can use that will help me fix this? I know it's overheating because it's constantly reaching 80-90 degrees. Thanks

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Re: How to clean fan on A215-S7462

this should help you get in there.

Post all info about your laptop and version of windows. We are working on it but still do not have the powers to read your mind.
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Re: How to clean fan on A215-S7462

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I have disassembled and cleaned out this model twice.  If you have never done this, attention to detail is absolutely key.  It's been a while since I have done this one, but if I remember correctly, the fan has a tendency to whip up a dust ball into one corner of the fan grate, partially blocking the vent.  Another troublesome spot that can get clogged is a small airway headed toward the fan area under the memory cover.


All of the suggestions I can give you must be approached with caution, as my limited undertakings on this laptop model may not fall in line with conventional approach in these areas.


First, I would try to take something really thin, such as a needle, and prod between bars of the fan grate (not too deep, although it shouldn't matter too much).  This should give you a sense of how clogged this area is; a slight top to bottom dragging motion may pull some dust clog out.  You could go the can of air route, but this will just force the dust further into the unit if a ball has formed.  Loosening with the pin may be enough to take a soft vaccum tip to the unit and sucking the air out, just be careful not to get too crazy with the suction.  


Cleaning out the dust should reduce temps pretty significantly.  One of the two units I cleaned out was shutting off from overheating.  Delving further into this issue, a disassembly will allow you to apply thermal grease to the CPU/GPU areas, which utilize inefficient cooling pads instead of grease (in my opinion at least).  I have to tell you though, you really need to pay attention and be careful should you go about disassembling the unit.  I almost guarantee you run into a section in the breakdown process where you will have to rely on your own intuition instead of a step-by-step disassembly guide.


If you do have it in you to patiently get this done, using Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease on the CPU/GPU is a pretty significant payoff that will 'extend' the life of this laptop (motherboard anyway).  Going this route will have just as much impact as cleaning out the fan area, if not more.  I can't remember the temperature decrease I saw on each unit, as it has been at least 6-8 months since I had one in my hands, but it was a solid difference.  


Anyway, link to disassembly guide (covers all the way to display breakdown; you won't need to go that far to get to what you need - 4 page guide):


A210/A215 disassembly


Link to Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound on eBay: