How to Run Hardware Diagnostics?

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How to Run Hardware Diagnostics?

How can run hardware diagnostics on a Satellite A135-S4487 laptop from BIOS or before OS invocation. OS won't bootup. Receive messages per attachments. Any other suggestions as to what this could be?

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Re: How to Run Hardware Diagnostics?

Toshiba doesn't supply hardware diagnostics to anyone except their certified technicians. There are other companies that offer hardware diagnostics, but having not used them, I can't give a listing of who's good and who's not. But when I look at the 2 attached pictures, it looks like the computer is working and trying to get into Windows, but the

Windows operating system is corrupt and damaged. Your best option, in my opinion, is to run the Recovery disks and put a new copy of Windows on the computer.


My limited experience with computer diagnostic software is that they are good and expensive or not so good and still pretty expensive. Unless you plan on getting in the computer repair business, I would avoid buying computer diagnostic software. Finally, because of the portability and advanced power management of laptop computers, some computer diagnostic programs don't work well with them.