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Help!! Laptop keeps shutting off!

I just bought a Toshiba Satellite A75-S226. Every time I boot it up, it doesn't last long before I shut it off, even when the AC adapter is plugged in. I have tried replacing the battery and the AC adapter, but no luck! I really need to use it for college next week. Any suggestions?

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Re: Help!! Laptop keeps shutting off!

Does the laptop appear to be shutting off due to lack of power?, indicating a power supply problem.  Or does it seem to shutdown as a result of trouble opening windows or some other software problem?  If it suddenly loses power and shuts off completely it may be a power problem, but if it slowly shuts itself down and certain things, such as diagnostic lights, stay on it may be a software problem.



If you are sure it is a power problem it could be a loose internal connection.  However, if it does start up, even for only a few seconds, it leads me to believe that the power supply is not being interupted and that it is a software loading issue.  Unless some internal problem is reducing the power taken in to an unusable level causing the computer to shut off.


How long is it staying on?

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Re: Help!! Laptop keeps shutting off!

An uncommanded power down is the classic symptom of overheating.  The system shuts itself down to prevent damage.  It may be that your system needs cleaning out.  Over time, the computer can collect a buildup of dust and dirt that restricts the operation of the cooling fans.  Sometimes things can be improved by blowing out the air ducts with a can of compressed air.  Other times, it's necessary to disassemble the unit and clean it out.  When a shop does this they also usually remove the processor heat sink, clean it throughly and reapply a coating of good quality thermal grease, such as Arctic Silver.

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Re: Help!! Laptop keeps shutting off!

I had a similar problem with my A75-S2131.  It would start fine, run for 5-8 minutes then abruptly shut down.  Hit the power button again, unit would come on and shut right back down but once it cooled off it would start fine again.  I noticed that one of the screens over the fan intake for the CPU cooler was bent inwards and was touching the hub of the fan, preventing it from spinning.  I pulled the screen back into place, using a small crotchet hook, the fan spun, the unit ran and continues to function beautifully to this day.  Good luck.

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Re: Help!! Laptop keeps shutting off!

Did you ever find out the problem? My A75-226 does the exact same thing...EVERY single time I turn it on it stays on a while and abruptly shuts down without warning. I tried trouble shooting and am finding some deal about a driver for the power source being missing. First off how in the heck does something like that come up and second if that's the case I cannot find the software at Toshiba to fix the error and if this is a reoccurring problem Toshiba should make good on these, just because they are not new doesn't mean they are used hard, because mine is rarely used and now when I need it, I don't have it to use amd I am very unhappy about that and will not purchase another of their products if they don't intend to make any effort to alleviate this problem.

Anyway, back to the problem, did you get it fixed and how????HELP!!!!

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Re: Help!! Laptop keeps shutting off!

Both of these machines need to be cleaned. 


Check the fan it is most likely not turning over, because you have it plugged up with hair and dust.  If it is turning over it is not working like it suppose to.  There is vent  like heat sink right by the fan, can not access this from the outside, that ends up collecting dust and hair.  That needs to be cleaned.  If you never cleaned it before, machine is around 10 years old, then it is time to do so.  Trust me I had the same problem and after cleaning it was fine.  You can try blowing it out from the side, but I had to open it up. 



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Re: Help!! Laptop keeps shutting off!

Over time dust and other garbage will build up in the area of the heatsink and fan and reduce the ability of the fan to cool the system.  You may have to have it opened and cleaned as the dust can build up to a point that just blowing it out is hopeless.

Regularly blowing out dust with a can of compressed air is a great way to prolong the life of your laptop.

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Re: Help!! Laptop keeps shutting off!

 had similar problems.  It was not due to overheating though.  I did vacuum out and then blow out the dust -- not very much came out.  I then monitored the temperature using the Toshiba Health Monitor. It was fine but I kept having random shut downs as well as random disconnects from my wireless router!  It was not the router- my roommate's computer had not problems with the router.  


I read at another forum to try updating the TVAP (Toshiba VAlue Added Package.)  .  I did and   PROBLEM SOLVED!


I have Toshiba A665-S6055 model laptop running Win 7 - 64 bit.