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Have to go to boot menu to get it to boot

I have a P200. If I let it boot automatically, all of a sudden, it stops booting and I get an "invalid partition" error message. I went to bios and made sure it's set to boot at the hard drive, but that didn't help. I found that if I open the boot menu on start up, F12, I can select the hard drive and it boots and everything appears normal. Note: I'm using a clone of the original hard drive, but everything was working fine for weeks before this. Somehow the automatic boot process isn't finding the partition (I have only one), but I can set it manually--to that partition--each time I boot.


I notice there is a bios update but could that be irrelevant or compound the problem?

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Re: Have to go to boot menu to get it to boot

Is it possible the drive is not "active"? Next time you boot, open a command box as administrator.

type (no quotes):

"diskpart" <ENTER>

You'll get a diskpart prompt.

"select volume c" <ENTER>

"select partition 1"

"detail partition"

Does it show the partition as "Active: Yes" ?