HDD Noise.

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HDD Noise.

Hey guys. I was wondering about the noise my HDD makes when I use it. It only makes these noise when I open up Speccy, refresh drive list on something like System Mechanic Pro or anything to do with system utilities and hard drive optimizations.


It makes some sort of grinding type of noise like it's been overused or something but that is not true because I purchased it only three weeks ago and it was like this since the beginning.


My Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite P750.


(Also I just made it do that noise again and it sounds like this. grrrreeeeetttttt.)




I'll put some basic specs of it. CPU Intel Core i7 2720QM @ 2.20GHZ  Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology


RAM 8 GB Dual-Channel DDR3


Motherboard Toshiba PEQAA


Graphics nVidia 2gb


Hard Drive 625 or 640GB Toshiba Toshiba MK6475GSX (SATA)




Also here is more info on the HDD




Hard Drives
Manufacturer TOSHIBA
Heads 16
Cylinders 16383
SATA type SATA-II 3.0Gb/s
Device type Fixed
ATA Standard ATA8-ACS
LBA Size 48-bit LBA
Power On Count 116 times
Power On Time 10.9 days
Speed, Expressed in Revolutions Per Minute (rpm) 5400
Features S.M.A.R.T., APM, NCQ
Transfer Mode SATA II
Interface SATA
Capacity 625GB
Real size 640,135,028,736 bytes
RAID Type None





Thanks for your help.

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Re: HDD Noise.

You might want to check with the dealer about the noise. All hard drives make noise as the disks spin up and down. Also the read/write heads need to go across the disks. But it shouldn't be very noisy. Many dealers will allow you to return the computer within the first couple weeks. But after that they will send you back to the manufacturer for support.


Backup your files. Even if the hard drive never has a problem, you could still lose your files to fire, flood and theft. You could also lose them to a virus or malware. If as a knowledgeable user feel that the hard drive is too noisy, back up your data and make arrangements with the Call Center to get the computer fixed.

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Re: HDD Noise.

Ok thanks for your help!

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Re: HDD Noise.

IT  would be interesting to know what toshiba did to help you out with your problem.My laptop is 3 weeks old and it vibrates. It did this since day one.