Everything suddenly got slower......?

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Everything suddenly got slower......?

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I'm in need of some help if anyone is willing to give it.  The details are provided below since I noticed on many other posts people had trouble helping others without some of the information below.  The basic issues is that may computer has slowed down significantly within the last week and to me it makes no sense.


Labtop Model: Satellite L305D-S5895

Problem: About September 26th or around that time everything on my labtop from start up to using a webbrowser has become very slow.  Probably about 5 to 10x slower than normal.  Programs like microsoftword have not been working well for me.  I often get the error "not responding".


What I've tried:

I called Toshiba wednesday but, apparently my warrenty is up(makes no sense to me since it should be for a year if the guy was right and I purchased this labtop on November 25th 2008).  He helped me anyway.  he told me to do a systems restore and that fixed the problem until last night.  Last night I was watching a video on hulu and then slowly it became slow and the video began having issues playing etc. I tried to do systems restore again but, it either made it worse or had no effect.


Some other info:

My computer has 80% free space.

Uses Windows Vista Home

Window Explorer

I defragment and clean it regularly.


Anyway if anyone can help I'd be really greatful.  I just started college and I still don't have a job so I can't really afford to lose my labtop.  I need it to do most homework assignments for several of my classes....

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Re: Everything suddenly got slower......?

I'm having the same problems and im not quite sure how to fix it

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Re: Everything suddenly got slower......?

 Everytime I turn on my computer within five minutes the computer will freeze up on me.


I tried system restore and I get this message everytime " your computeris running in a limited diagnostic state. If you usse system restore in this limited state you cannot undo the restore operation."

Try running the System File Checker.


   How to repair the operating system and how to restore the operating system configuration to an earli...

i found this on the furoms, i havent tried it yet but i thought it could possibly help.