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DVD/CD drive not recognized on A215 Satellite

I have an A215-S5837 laptop running on Vista 32-bit, have had for two years. Recently had a virus, so I totally erased all my data from the boot drive and restored it back to its factory state, using the A210 Series restore discs that came with the laptop.


All is good with one exception: my system currently does not recognize my DVD/CD drive at all. The drive does indeed work: when I place the restore disc back in there, and reboot while pressing C, it spins and reboots from the disc. So the problem is somewhere in the OS.


A few things to know:


1) The DVD drive is not showing up in the Device Manager, nor in any program that can burn to the drive

2) I did the "remove upper and lower filters from the registry" thing you see on a kajillion websites mentioning this problem - that solved nothing

3) I can't install DVD driver updates from the Toshiba website. When I try, it gives me a warning message that "drive could not be found"


Any help, anyone?



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Re: DVD/CD drive not recognized on A215 Satellite

I had the same problem wit my laptop,but mine does show up in device manager, but I cannot use it. Oh and I can install updates but if I cann't use it then its no good to me.