Cursor stopsworking

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Cursor stopsworking

I have a Toshiba laptop, Satellite L655-S5150.
As I am typing the cursor will stop and I have to click the screen to make it active. In the middle of a sentence the text stops appearing and I have to click it again.
I am running Windows 7.
An additional item is that as I am watching a video in full screen mode, it will suddenly change back and I have to click back to go to full screen. Running Windows Media Player.

I have not made any changes to software recently.

I also ran my virus scan, and malwarebytes scan and it was clean.


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Re: Cursor stops working

A couple more things to add to my list.

Recently at start-up it goes into disk check. When I let it run it stops at 48%.

I have been clicking at start-up to stop it, but it's really annoying.


Another thing I noticed with the cursor is when I am scrolling, the page stops moving. Then I click on the page to scroll some more.


While I was typing this, it stopped several times and I had to go back and type it again

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Re: Cursor stops working

Hi ! Make a system repair disc.  This will take you into the recovery mode. Boot with it and try the 6 options offered. If That doesn't solve your problem, restore back to factory settings.


PS There is a reason your PC Is doing a chkdsk. Why are you stopping it from completing?

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Re: Cursor stops working

I'd suggest backing up your personal data asap, then going into safe mode and doing a chkdsk /r at a command prompt (as admin) and let it go all the way through.  Give it a few hours.  If it hangs, post back.

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