Corrupt Hard drive

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Corrupt Hard drive

Ok I have a Toshiba Satellite L45-S4687. I have had it for over a year. My fiance' has a different Satellite. His hard drive went bad and we had it replaced. My computer is not looping like his was. I tried to run a repair when it brought up the repair wizzard and it tells me that my hard drive is corrupted and my registry is corrupted. I have registry repair software installed on it which I ran daily and it would also find and repair hard drive errors. I always got the blue screen of death, not as often after I installed the registry repair program on it. I was on my laptop then it rebooted itself while I was on it and now windows will not start. I just get the repair wizzard, restart and repair wizzard comes back up. I want to know if I take it and get the hard drive replaced, is there a way to save all my pictures on my laptop? I have hundreds of pictures on my laptop that I do not have on my desk top and I don't have them saved anywhere else. Thanks for your input.

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Re: Corrupt Hard drive

Yes, there is a way and it is pretty simple.


If there is another computer in the house, say a desktop, then all you have to do is

turn off you laptop, take out the hard drive, connect it to the desktop,

turn on the desktop and navigate to the laptop's hard drive and retrieve what you want.


if there is another computer but it is a laptop, then you have to get an adapter

to connect your laptop's hard drive to a usb connector, therefore turning your

laptop's hard drive into an external hard drive. from there you hook it up to the

secondary laptop and then copy the pictures/documents over.


These are just general steps but yes, there is a way to retrieve information.