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Cooling System Error

Toshiba Satellite E205 has suddently started to give me an error message that reads, "Warning:  A problem with the cooling system has been detected.  Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service."\\


  • The laptop is less than a year old.
  • A Web search shows that Toshiba has a long history of this specific problem on laptops

Anyone have ideas?  Is there an easy way to fix this?  I can't beleive the company continues to bang out models with this sort of problem.  I dread the thought of having to call Toshiba, navigating a horrible phone directory, waiting on hold endlessly, argueing with a representative and then shipping this thing back to get fixed...which will surely be an eternity. 


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Re: Cooling System Error

What's the second part of the model number? "E205" is only partial.

- Peter
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Re: Cooling System Error

Had the same problem..shipped mine back for repairs. Was fixed and shipped back exactly on the 10th day.

I'm not thinking that mine was completely fixed however as I can't play games that I was previously able to.

Going to send it back again I suppose.