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Confused about Virus scan

Hi, I use the free avast virus program, today it popped up and wouldn't let me into the schools website, said it was malware, so I ran a full scan. It came back with 761 infected files...and suggested I run a boot scan. I ran the boot scan at about 13% it stopped and ask what I wanted to do with infected files, tried to heal them, it couldn't so I sent them to the vault. Pages  and pages went. The scan continued, next time it stopped it told me the vault was full, so Ignored them I was getting a little worried, it was showing everything on here as infected with HTML:Iframe-inf or HTMLSmiley Frustratedcript-inf.  When I checked the vault some items are marked (trj) Trojan I am assuming. Do you have any idea what is going on and what should I do with all the files in the vault? If I delete them will it delete the files that run the programs also? I have a Satellite L645D - S4025.


Thank you for any help


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Re: Confused about Virus scan

Not confused anymore, Avast had a glitch and there were no virus. Now just a pain putting all those files back out of the vault.  Thanks anyways.

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Re: Confused about Virus scan


Satellite L645D-S4025



Happy to learn all is well now, Julie


For anybody else with the problem..


   False positive issue with virus defs 110411-1