Cannot burn CD

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Cannot burn CD

I have a satellite l505d-s5965 laptop I can burn dvd's but when I want to burn a CD I get error code: 380381-26-2a030c00 can anyone help me

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Re: Cannot burn CD

Well I did fin something similar, but the error code started with 39 and it was

Toshiba related. Pretty much all that said was that your computer or software was

not recognazing your optical drive, but I'm not sure if that right.

I would like you to run some test for me so that we can narrow down and

pinpoint the problem.

I want to know if in My Computer you can see the DVD Icon, if you

can play a CD or DVD. What were you trying to burn in to the CD?

Have you made any significant upgrades, like new version of OS?

Have you tried moving the files into the DVD drive icon and burning them

from there instead of using a software or have you tried another software utility?

If your computer is not recognizing you optical drive then you can

select the link I've provided and follow the steps on how to fix it, but

I would like to hear back from you and see what happened.

39 Error Code Fix

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Re: Cannot burn CD

In my computer I see the icon I can play dvd movies and music and can burn dvd's but when I try to burn a music cd I get the error I try different cd's and get same thing haven't upgrade anything had laptop for about 6 months

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Re: Cannot burn CD

Its really weird that you can do other things but not burn

music, it indicates that it's not the Optical Drive,

that's the problem.

Have you tried burning something other than music

onto a CD? Have you tried burning music into a DVD?

It might be that the music is protected and can't make

copies. What program are you using to burn the music.

Now regarding the error code there's not much info

out there, so it's hard to decide on what to to.

I can suggest unistalling the Optical drive or

removing the Registry Error or all that, but the

fact that you can play DVD's and CD's and you can

burn DVD's makes it useless to do those actions.

If you still have warranty on the laptop, I would call

Toshiba just asking for the meaning of the error code,

if not then I can't think of other options.

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Re: Cannot burn CD

never has problems burning CDs using Audio CD Burner Studio