Can't Access the Internet

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Can't Access the Internet

I have a 6 month old Toshiba laptop (ModelSatelite C655 with Windows 7 Home Premium). I just got Comcast in my apartment with a wireless router and its been working great. I attempted to load a anitvirus CD (which was called Webfoot's I believe) for my new laptop which by the way worked fine on my old laptop. It never loaded and this is where the problem started.


While attempting to load it onto my laptop I noticed I got kicked off the internet.  After failing to load the program (it said it wouldn't work/compatibility issues I guess) I tried to get back online. The signal strength was good, it said I was connected to the internet but overtime I tried to launch the internet explorer a page came up that says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" and suggests running a diagnostic.... I did just that, and itdidnt help, it just said "Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem". I tried rebooting, signing on then off again, unplugging the router, the power to it, plugging it back in... talkign with comcast. Nothing is working.


So then I tried to access the internet with my OLD laptop with was not involved with this at all... it too would NOT access the internet. Same issues as my new laptop. Yet I was able to access the internet with my ipod at the apartment (and access the internet with my old computer at my parents, but at my parents NEW laptop still wont work).


I am NOT computer savvy, so if you have any ideas I would appreciate hearing them. Please speak in detail on each step as I am not computer savvy and would like to know what you are talking about step by step.  Thanks!