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CPU upgrade Satellite A200-TJ9

Since I cannot get the staight answer from Toshiba tech support I will ask the forum. I want to upgrade the embedded CPU in my Satellite A200-TJ9. What is the best processor I can put in this laptop??  Tech suport told me the Intel t5750 2.8 Ghz. Having the specs in hand I asked three times because the T5750 is a 2.0 Ghz processor.


The research I did: The BIOS update for my TJ9 is the same update for the Satellite PRO A200-T05 which has a GM965 chipset with the Intel Core 2 T7250. I would have thought that at least I could put the T7250??  Does having the PM965 chipset allow me to upgrade to any compatible CPU per the Intel charts?  can I get a BIOS other then Toshiba's BIOS?


Anyways, I am not laptop savvy so any help is appreciated.