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Blue screen and now won't boot up

hey folks. 

i've been searching for help and ended up here. i have a 3 year old sat l655d that has recently started giving me blue screens. they have been during various activities browsing, burning DVDs and watching video trying to solve this i have.

1]  replaced and upgraded ram from 4gb to 2 4gb sticks bought together in a kit. they are the correct ram

2] replaced the HDD

3]  done A FRESH install of windows and d/l all drivers

still getting blue screens and the last one on restart i get the toshiba splash and a blank black screen.

it will let me into the boot menu but that is all. now forced to think this is a hardware issue but where to start. any ideas would help 

thanks andy



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Re: Blue screen and now won't boot up

On my Toshiba Satellite Windows 7 laptop, when i started pc, I got blue screen of death. Tried many ways searched via google. Fortunately, Windows Boot Genius from got me out of problem. The tool is secure without any data loss.