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Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light


First, let me thank everyone who gives input. This is my last hope.

Background: I've had a A315-S2615 (I think, it's at home and I'm typing this at work so I'm not 100% sure of the model #) for 11 months when the problem started. I hit the power button, the light by the power button goes on, the laptop would start, but freeze at the "Toshiba" screen. I pushed and held the power button to turn it off and try again. This time, the light would come on but the screen would stay black. I noticed that the hard drive light isn't running either.

I went on Toshiba's website and found a local service provider since I was within the 1 year. They put in a new motherboard and it worked great...for 1 month that is. Now, I'm outside the 1 yr wrnty and I'm screwed. The service provider said they don't guarantee their work when it was done in a Toshiba warranty. Toshiba said I should have sent it to them to fix the first time and maybe they could do something, but since I went to their authorized service provider, they won't do anything (BULL! Then why do they have authorized service providers!!!).

Again, I hit the power button, light by the power button comes on, but no hard drive light flickering and no screen. I've built computers, so I have a small idea of what to troubleshoot, but laptops are new to me. Here's what I have tried...

1. With and w/o battery. When it's plugged in, the light for the plug comes on. When the battery is in, the light for the plug and the battery charger comes on, so it seems to be getting power and acting normal.
2. Hard Drive? Bought an external Hard Drive case and hooked it up to another comptuer. It reads fine.
3. Memory? I had two memory modules in it. I tried it with one, then the other, then both. Nothing. I don't think both would go bad at the same time.
4. Tried connecting an external monitor. Nothing. (Again, hard drive doesn't seem to be spinning, so I don't think this is it).
5. Took apart the laptop looking for bad connections. Didn't notice anything, but it was a general scan since I'm not too familiar with laptops.
6. Boot to Recovery DVD - Nothing. It won't boot. The disc doesn't spin.

So I'm down to the motherboard and the chip, right? I'm guessing chip since the motherboard is only 1 month old. Thoughts?

I have search countless forums for an answer to "black screen", "no power", "blank screen", etc. Lots of issues, not any solutions. I'm hoping someone has seen the solution to this problem.

Again, any help is greatly appreaciated. Otherwise, I out a notebook that only lasted 11 months (I didn't expect this from a Toshiba).

Thanks a lot!!!

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Re: Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light

My A135 S2276 is in the same boat.  Black screen, power light on, no hard drive response.  It did this once before - four months ago.  I thought it just needed cooling down.  Tried a couple times to fire it up the next days and nothing.  So there it sat waiting for me to scratch up a couple bucks for the repair.  On a whim I tried it 2 weeks ago and it went right to windows vista.  All was well till this afternoon.


I too have been scouring the message boards trying to figure this **bleep** thing out.  Can't believe its such a piece of crap. I bought it used at a pawn shop - must be bad karma. The bios has been upgraded - that went out in month two.  But I went out of warranty six months ago. 


Anxiously waiting with you.

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Re: Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light

I believe you have been misinformed regarding warranty coverage following a warranty repair.  The replaced part itself has a warranty (thought I'm not sure of the term).


Please send me a private message with your name, phone number, and the name of the company that performed the warranty repair.






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Re: Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light

Hey Andy,


This is gonna sound weird but my machine started working again.  I fired it up without the power cord thinking I would just let the battery drain itself out.  I left the room for about five minutes and then came back and like magic it was booting vista.  Give it a try.  


I'm taking it back to where it was fixed to see more about their warranty work.



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Re: Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light

Well, I'll be damned!!!


I let it sit for 10 min or so, and sure enough, a screen pops up. Not loading windows, but here's what it says in crappy white text on an all black screen...


Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 082)

Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation


For Realtek RTL8139(x)/8130/810x PCI Fast Ethernet Controller v2.17 (051202)

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable

PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM


NTLDR is missing

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart


Ctrl+Alt+Del gives me the save thing, but I notice my DVD Drive is working, so I hit F12 and change the boot to DVD Drive and I'm trying to recover with the Toshiba disc. I'll let you know if it works.


Thanks for the tip!!!


What does the message mean? Driver error for the Ethernet? I never got a bios upgrade. Could this be the problem. I'll update shortly.



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Re: Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light

It works!


Dan, thanks a lot. Crazy. We'll see if it lasts. I'd still appreciate input on the interpretation of the text I got so I can prevent this from happening again.


I booted to the Toshiba Recovery DVD and reloaded everything. Worked great!


Laptop saved!

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Re: Black Screen, No Hard Drive Light

Hi Dan and Andy


I'm experiencing the same problem that both of you had back in December.  I have a Sat P205-6267.  With and without the battery the power light goes on and the hard drive light flickers once.  By chance did you notice if your fan started up?  My fan doesn't go on at all.  I'm gonna go home and try your solution.  I'm just wondering if it's a fan or hard drive or something else.  If anyone else can shed some light on this, all suggestions welcome.  Otherwise, I guess I'll be calling Toshiba.  Thanks in advance everyone.