Bios roll back advice

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Bios roll back advice

hey guys,

i am currently running windows xp on my toshiba equium a110-276 notebook

i updated the graphics card driver 2 days ago, it is a shared chipset i believe (128 maximum memory), when i went to play on a game on my laptop, i was displayed the blue screen of death saying that i should update my bios

i tried it again and it worked fine untill later on at night where the same problem happened. the only way to remove this screen was to remove the power supply and the battery from the laptop.

i went on the toshiba website and upgraded my bios to the latest version, but my graphics memory has been halved from 128 mb to 64 mb

during the bios update it stated that my previous bios was saved, but i am not sure where as i would like to roll back my bios and also my graphics card driver to take advantage of the full graphic memory capacacity as the games i play are quite demanding even at 128 mb

thanks in advance