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Bios password reset for grandpa Carter, satellite c655d-s5130

A relative of mine bought a Toshiba satellite c655d-s5130 and wants to know if I can fix it. He forgot the password or mistyped it, I don't know. I shot a video and put it on youtube to see if anyone can help me do this. I can verify my identification and my relatives, so you know it's not a stolen Laptop. Help with the procedure to reset bios using the jumpers. Thanks, Tom Evanov


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Re: Bios password reset for grandpa Carter, satellite c655d-s5130

Doesn't matter what you can verify. It's against our forum's rules to help people circumvent BIOS passwords. Sorry, but we can't help you here.



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Re: Bios password reset for grandpa Carter, satellite c655d-s5130

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The problem with getting a Bios password removal from Toshiba is that it is a chargeable expense. Removing it is not covered under warranty. Beyond the loss of money, you need to spend the time in getting it to an authorized dealer or mailing it in to the Depot.

If this was my computer, I would turn on the computer and hit the F2 key to go into the Bios. Again, it will ask you for the Bios password. Try the different passwords from grandpa and see if can't get into the Bios. It will give you 3 tries before shutting down. Try again. Maybe grandpa capitalized the first letter or misspelled. If you succeed with the Bios password, it will let you into the Bios and you will be able to remove the Bios password permanently at that point.

Beyond wasting some time, you won't lose anything else. But if that doesn't work, you're going have to talk to your Toshiba repair dealer about having them remove the Bios password. Expect to be charged since it isn't covered under warranty. Finally, expect the dealer to ask for proof of ownership. They won't remove Bios passwords from stolen computers.