BIOS upgrade Satellite L305-S5955

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BIOS upgrade Satellite L305-S5955



just got recently the BIOS upgrade from the TOSHIBA service station, I downloaded this and it placed the BIOS launcher on the desktop.


Do I still have to click on the Icon even I downloaded this already ??



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Re: BIOS upgrade Satellite L305-S5955

I have the same question. Does anybody have an answer?

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Re: BIOS upgrade Satellite L305-S5955

You have downloaded the program you still haven't lanched it.


I have flashed my BIOS from Windows even though there are a lot of people that say don't, they suggest falshing the BIOS from DOS.

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Re: BIOS upgrade Satellite L305-S5955

The file you downloaded is just the update application.  You more than likely have NOT actually updated the bios yet.  To find out for sure download and run CPU-Z  Look on the Mainboard tab to see what bios version is currently installed.  The latest is 2.20 and that is the ONLY one you should update to.  If that is the one that appears then you are good to go.  If not you have some serious decisions to make.


Unless you are having a problem that is specifically addressed in a bios update it isn't worth the risk doing it.  99 times out of a hundred one is wasting their time flashing a bios, especially on laptops or motherboards with bios chips soldered to the motherboard.

The same holds true of driver updates, but it's much easier to recover from a bad driver update than it is to recover from a bad bios flash.

If you are bound and determined to do it anyway at least do it the right way as outlined below. 

DO NOT update the bios from within Windows.  Don't do it, don't even think about doing it if you want to use your computer again.  When you double click on the download you will be presented with the choice of creating a CD to flash the bios from.  USE THIS METHOD.  You can use a CD-RW so you don't waste a blank, but even the cost of a regular blank CD is cheap compared to the $100 that most places will charge you to fix a botched bios flash.  Be sure to burn the CD at the slowest possible speed to ensure the best possible quality.  Make sure that your battery is fully charged, installed, and the AC Adapter is plugged in just in case. 

If the bios file you download does NOT have the create a self booting disk option then do NOT update the bios period.  Contact Toshiba Support for your area and request information on how to create the self booting CD to flash from.  DO NOT ACCEPT their answer that it is safe to flash from Windows as this is an outright lie. 

* The machine must be in BOOT mode, not Resume mode.
* Any power on passwords must be disabled.
* All PCMCIA cards, USB, and Firewire devices and SD cards must be removed from the system prior to upgrading the BIOS.
* The notebook computer must not be attached to any type of docking device.  
* And don't forget to go into the bios and hit the F9 key to load Bios/Setup Defaults then F10 to exit and save just prior to and immediately after updating the bios.


If you don't post your COMPLETE model number it's very difficult to assist you. Please try to post in complete sentences with punctuation, capitals, and correct spelling. Toshiba does NOT provide any direct support in these forums. All support is User to User in their spare time.

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Re: BIOS upgrade Satellite L305-S5955

Dear all,


I was in windows xp SP3 when a new bios update offered to install. by mistake I accepted the installation and there was a sudden power shutdown. Now the notebook won't even light its battery or power indicator. it won't start, it won't boot. nothing.


any clues of what might be going on and how to fix it?


thanks a lot in advance.



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Re: BIOS upgrade Satellite L305-S5955

Hi Pablo


Your BIOS has likely become corrupted. Hopefully following the appropriate directions on the link below will help.


BIOS Recovery procedures



Good lick.