BIOS doesn't recognize hard drive

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BIOS doesn't recognize hard drive

I was given this laptop from a friend.  It has issues, but he said if I can get it to work I can keep it.


Originally had no power.  Inspection of DC jack and power supply showed significant wear and damage.  I replaced the DC jack inside the laptop and ordered a new power supply.  IT NOW POWERS UP!  1 battle wonSmiley Happy


Oh, this is for a Toshiba Satellite 2410-S203.


Now onto the new problem...

When it trys to boot up, it says:


Intel(R) Boot Agent Version 4.1.06

Copyright (C) 1997-2002, Intel Corporation

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable

PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.

Insert system disk in drive.

Press any key when ready....


I know that PXE-E61 means that it's trying to boot from LAN.  For my particular issue, I'm seeing this message because the boot has failed to boot from all available options and lastly failed on the LAN option.  I verified the boot order in the BIOS as well which is set as:  FDD->HDD->CD-ROM->LAN.  If it matters any, I can successfully boot to a cd if I have on inserted.


On the other BIOS page where the hard drive would be shown, under "DRIVES I/O", the HDD line says "No Drive".


So I removed the physical 2.5" IDE 30GB hard drive and hooked it up to an external USB enclosure and connected it to the laptop that I'm currently using.  The drive reads and tests fine.  I didn't care what data was on the hard drive so I also formatted it while I had it in the USB enclosure.  I also have another spare 2.5" IDE 20GB drive that is tested so I tried it in the Toshiba 2410-S203 laptop and it's not detected either.  Both harddrives are good but the BIOS doesn't detect either one.


One other thing that I tried was a BIOS upgrade from ver 1.20 to 1.40.  This didn't help either.  P.S.  The 1.40 BIOS release from Toshiba was to fix a variety of issues, none of which were related to my issues, but none the less I was frustrated and looking for anything that might help fix this issue.


Any thoughts as to why this Toshiba 2410-S203 can't see the hard drive?  Any suggestions for a fix?


I'm at the point where I believe the motherboard or 1 of the smaller circuit boards inside the laptop or the IDE connector itself may be defective.  I also re-seated the harddrive several time to ensure that it was making good connection.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Many thanks in advance.

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Re: BIOS doesn't recognize hard drive

HDD Connector Board: P000347350

Motherboard: P000352270

Click on the part numbers for the prices for the parts you can try. It's most likely the motherboard is defective but you can try the HDD connector first and if it doesn't allow the BIOS to see the drive then I would not recommend going any further.