BIOS Update for M645-S4114

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BIOS Update for M645-S4114

Toshiba Board on my Satellite M645-S4114 notified me of a recommended download and install of a BIOS update, saying it should be done from a fresh start and not on a resume.  I rebooted, and now Toshiba Board shows no new messages, such as that recommended download.  Where can I find that BIOS update?

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Re: BIOS Update for M645-S4114

You'll find it under System Information on the System Summary page.


A BIOS update was available for my system too but since everything

worked I didn't bother. The critical MS updates, JAVA, Flash and AV

definitions are good things to D/L. You might want to read through

the other updates before installing. Some of them might not even

be applicable.

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Re: BIOS Update for M645-S4114

Satellite M645-S4114



Eniac has described how to check the current BIOS version have now. If you are looking for your actual BIOS download, you can find it along with all your driver updates, etc, on the link above. But, below is your model's latest update and what it and all previous updates fix.


ACPI Flash BIOS update descriptions for Satellite M640/M645


ACPI Flash BIOS version 1.80 for Satellite M640/M645


How to update the BIOS on Toshiba notebooks