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Administrator Account


I'm having a problem with my Toshiba (P755-S5269) laptop, because the Administrator Account is not visible. What shall i do with this ? [Operating System is Win-7 Home Premium Service pack-1 (64-bit)]


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Re: Administrator Account


Satellite P755-S5269


the Administrator Account is not visible.

In Windows 7 (and Vista), there is no visible account named Administrator. Accounts can be flagged as  having administrator or standard privileges.


   What is an administrator account?


You should learn about UAC.


   What is User Account Control?


There is a hidden account named Administrator. But it's seldom necessary to enable it.

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Re: Administrator Account



The Admininstrator account is a severe security issue. One should never, ever, not even on a dare, leave this account enabled. I am rather curious as to what you are doing that you need the account. UAC is almost always a better way to go. Nonetheless, I am going to choose to believe that you are an adult and able to accept the consequences of your actions.


That having been said, here is what needs to happen.


Select Start (or orb or whatever you want to call it), then Control Panel.


Open Administrative Tools.


Open Local Security Policy.




From here you can turn your machine into a totally useless brick! Be careful! I would turn back if I were you!




Select Local Policies, then Security Options.


The first entry on the right should be Administrator Account, and it should say 'disabled'. Double-click it, and change it to 'enabled'.




Now, go to the Control Panel, and select User Accounts. Choose 'manage another account', and select 'Administrator'.


Choose 'Create Password', and give the Administrator account a password. A good password. A very good password. One that even your Sainted Aunt Ellie would never guess. Use UPPERCASE and lowercase letters. Throw in a number or two and a character or two that looks like Popeye swearing (#$%*`&~}). Be sure you remember it. I charge $50-75 per password to reset. And I work cheap!


Close everything, shutdown/reboot, and the Administrator account will be available.


Do what you have to do. Then:


Open the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Local Security Policy.


Select Local Policies, then Security Options.


Double-click on Administrator Account, and change it to disabled. You don't have to set the password again, should you ever need to do this again.


Restart the computer, and you are ready to go.


The Administrator account sets you up as having about as much power as God and The Avengers put together. One can render a system completely inoperative.


Perhaps more frightening is what a hacker can do with access to the Administrator account. The will start by sucking all your usernames and passwords. If they can find any credit card info, they will sell it to the Russian Mafia. Then they will steal every entry in you address book, so they can email phishing sites to them. Lastly, they can install software on your computer to make it a 'bot'. Your computer will become somebody's spam mailer, porn server, or worse.


Learn basic internet safety. Most any antivirus site, or even Microsoft or Apple will have useful information about it.


Lastly, don't break the rules before you know them!