A215-S5837 satellite laptop won't recognize DVD drive

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A215-S5837 satellite laptop won't recognize DVD drive

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Insert disc, spins, but nothing. Open any of various players (Toshiba DVD, Media player, media center) nothing plays. Can't find files or folders. Even opening start center, click 'computer' and it doesn't even show the drive exists anymore- just the c drive is listed.

This started after I followed through with suggested update of "DVD acoustic silencer"- at the end of which it stated did not install properly. Tried to go back to a Windows restore point of previous week, but it was no help and the just updated acoustic silencer seems to have remained.

Keep in mind I can't use recovery disc(s).

MSoft website instructed regedit of higher and lower blah blah- I followed instructions to a T and no help.

Apparently the DVD Driver comes preloaded and my latest search on Toshiba basically said, "it's preloaded so you don't need to redo it". No mention as to what happens if it was possibly erased... although not even remotely aware that is what or may have happened.


Anyone else know what to do- what is/might be going on? 

Toshiba Satellite A215-s5837 / Supermultimedia Drive / Vista Home Premium

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Re: A215-S5837 satellite laptop won't recognize DVD drive

First, there were some critical BIOS updates for your system, and, as a basic user, perhaps you have installed not them. Click on 'Start' and type in   sys   and click on 'System Information', in the 'System Summary' look on the right hand side for 'BIOS Version/Date'. If you do not have BIOS update v2.30, then download this file to your desktop, double click to begin installation, following the directions. After saving the BIOS settings, reboot into Windows and check your DVD/CD drive.


ACPI Flash BIOS version 2.30 for Satellite A210/A215


How to update the BIOS on Toshiba notebooks



If you already have this update, then let's try a proper system reset, and see if this helps bring the DVD/CD drive back.  Power off your system, unplug everything including the AC, remove the battery, press and hold down the power on button for 30 seconds, replace battery and AC, power on, when you see the Toshiba logo press the 'F2' key to enter BIOS Setup, in setup press 'F9' to load setup defaults, press 'F10' to save and exit, then try to boot into Windows again, and check if your DVD/CD drive is now present and working.


If neither of the above work, try this Microsoft Fix-It:


Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in Windows



Please let us know what happens. Good luck.



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Re: A215-S5837 satellite laptop won't recognize DVD drive

i have heard of this issue...im not sure if this fix would work...search on google missing dvd rom, then look for the microsoft website...there is a fixit for this or


try this, found this over the net


go to the registry editor and try to locate this following values on the registry and delete





then restart the computer



hope this helps