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FN Key confusion

I was wondering if it was possible to switch the use of the FN function.

I recently bought a Satellite L870D, and I have a game that requires me to use "F1" "F2" "F3" etc keys, but whenever I press them, it carries out the affect of the special functions, such as disable trackpad, battery, etc. 

Then did I discover that to achieve actually "F1" I would have to press FN key first... This is a terrible drag when playing a quick action game that requires immediate "F-" button presses.

I did attemept to have FN key on lock (by double pressing it) but this unfortunately disables the keyboard, for example it doesn't allow me to move in the game (w,a,s,d), eveything seems like a lose-lose at this point.


So I was wondering if it's possible to have "F1-F12" as the defult use for those keys lining the top of the keyboard, and the speical funcations to happen if it is pressed along with the FN key instead?! Basically switich the role of the "F-" key with the FN keys! Is that possible? (Because to be honest I would think it should normally be like that -_-', my previous Lenovo laptop had the FN key enable the speical funtions, it made sense)


It's an amazing laptop I have, I love it, but if I can only  fix this issues, it would be perfect!

Thank you for you time guys.

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Re: FN Key confusion

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See this Technical Bulletin for your machine and look up Function Keys in your User's Guide.  If you have occasion to post again on these Forums, please include your COMPLETE model number as in my examples below.




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