TOSHIBA Password Utility

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This utility adds additional password security to your Toshiba computer. After registering a user password, you will be required to input it when booting the computer or starting the Password Utility. Refer to your Owner's Manual for complete details.


If this utility or feature is not installed on your computer, you can verify if it is available for your specific model under "Downloads" on the TOSHIBA support web site ( Not all utilities are available for every model and operating system. When installing any utilities, install the TOSHIBA Value Added Package first.


To open the Password Utility:


  1. Click the Start menu. On Windows 8, go to the Start screen.
  2. Enter "Password" into the search field. On Windows 8, type "Password" while viewing the Start screen.
  3. Click "Password Utility" in the search results.
  4. The Password Utility will open allowing you to set, delete or change the password.



  • Set password will regsiter a user password with the computer.
  • Delete allows you to delete the regsitered user password.
  • Change allows you to change the regsitered user password.

Windows 8 pre-installed shown below



When setting a password in Windows 7 or Windows 8 upgraded from an earlier version of Windows, you can apply it to the HDD. For information about this feature, click the "Learn More..." button. This will open a new window explaining how the HDD password works.



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