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The TOSHIBA HDD/SSD Alert includes wizard functions to monitor the Disk Drive operating status and execute system backup. TOSHIBA HDD/SSD Alert has the following features:


  • Notification of disk drive status - Disk Drive has the SMART Predict Failure function which monitors the Disk Drive operating status. TOSHIBA HDD/SSD Alert supervises this status and if a failure is predicted, it shows the alert message and recommends you backup data in the drive. NOTE: Please note that SSD technology only allows for a certain number of rewrite cycles. During the lifetime of your computer you may be required to exchange the SSD.
  • Disk Drive status - You can check current drive status by opening the TOSHIBA HDD/SSD Alert form the start menu.
  • System backup wizard function - This function executes Windows Complete PC backup.

NOTE: For more information about the Windows Complete PC backup and recovery, please refer to "Backup and Recovery Center" in the "Maintenance" section.



  • (1) The SMART function of disk drive can not predict all failures. It is recommended that you periodically back-up your Disk Drive data to external media.
  • (2) The administrator privilege is required for setup.
  • (3) The administrator privilege is required for system backup.
  • (4) The HDD recovery area does not get backed up. It is recommended that you create recovery discs using TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator.
  • (5) Windows Complete PC backup does not support backup of a second drive. The data of a second drive can be backed up by copying to an external drive etc. using Windows Explorer.

*Windows Complete PC backup is supported only by Windows7,Windows Vista Ultimate/Enterprise/Business. You may backup using a 3rd party's backup software if you use WindowsXP,Windows Vista Home premium or Home Basic.


If this utility or feature is not installed on your computer, you can verify if it is available for your specific model under "Downloads" on the TOSHIBA support web site ( Not all utilities are available for every model and operating system. When installing any utilities, install the TOSHIBA Value Added Package first.


To open the HDD/SSD Alert current status:


  1. Click the Start menu. On Windows 8, go to the Start screen.
  2. Enter "HDD" into the search field. On Windows 8, type "HDD" while viewing the Start screen.
  3. Click "HDD SSD Alert" in the search results.
  4. The HDD SSD Alert status will open and display the current status of your drive.

For complete information on the HDD SSD Alert, click the "Help" button after entering the HDD SSD Alert.