TOSHIBA Desktop Assist

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TOSHIBA Desktop Assist is installed on computers with Windows 8 (factory installed and upgrade). The Desktop Assist utility is designed to give users easy access to their programs, control panel, as well as files and folders, similar to the Start Menu in previous versions of Windows. Click on it for quick and easy access to a suite of handy help and service utilities, including PC Diagnostics.


Accessing Desktop Assist


There are mutiple ways to access the Desktop Assist utility.


  • From the Start screen, click on the desktop tile to view the desktop. You'll find the Toshiba Assist icon located on your desktop.
  • From the Start screen press "Windows+C" keys to open the charms bar and select "Search". Type "Desktop" into the search field. Click on "Desktop Assist" from the search returns.

Once the Desktop Assist utility is open, you can access programs, tools, utilities and files under the categories shown on the left.




At the lower left you can access the Computer, My Documents and the Control Panel. These links will open seperate windows when selected.