SRS Premium Sound 3D / HD

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SRS Premium Sound 3D


SRS Premium Sound™ 3D offers the richest and most immersive audio experience in any listening environment using technologies from SRS Labs, the world leader in post-audio processing. It includes the popular SRS TruSurround® HD processing found in a variety of consumer electronics such as television sets, as well as SRS Circle Surround Headphone™ for amazing sound through headphones. SRS TruSurround HD can offer a rich immersive experience and virtual surround sound for your music, movies, and games over only 2 speakers. SRS CS Headphone uses SRS Circle Surround® decoding to deliver accurate virtual surround sound for movie and game content when users listen on headphones.


What is SRS Premium Sound 3D?

SRS Premium Sound 3D combines several SRS Technologies into one application. Based upon the source content and the speaker configuration, the appropriate technologies are automatically engaged for the best possible audio experience. SRS engineers have worked closely with PC manufacturers to fine tune the performance of Premium Sound for each model.


NOTE: Not all models are available or compatible with SRS Premium Sound™ 3D. Refer to your User's Guide for details located at


Opening the Control Panel


Windows 7

  1. Click the "Start Button".
  2. In the search field type "SRS".
  3. Select "SRS Premium Sound 3D" from the search results.
  4. The "SRS Premium Sound 3D" control panel will open.

Windows 8

  1. On the Start screen press the "Windows+C" keys to open the charms bar.
  2. Select "Search" from the charms bar.
  3. In the search field type "SRS".
  4. Select "SRS Premium Sound 3D" from the Apps search results.
  5. The "SRS Premium Sound 3D" control panel will open.

Control Panel Functions

The control panel of the application allows you to change the behavior of SRS Premium Sound 3D.



  • Power Button - This will enable and disable processing.
  • Options - This brings up a menu...
  • Help - opens this help documentation.
  • About... - opens the about box containing version and contact information
  • Move - allows you to move the window without using the mouse.
  • Minimize/Close - returns the window to the task tray. To exit completely, right-click the tray icon and select "Exit".
  • Content/What are you listening to? - This will adjust the technology for the best performance selected.
  • Output - choose from Headphone, External Speakers, or Notebook. This will adjust the technology for the best performance.
    NOTE: In some versions of the control panel, the speaker mode is selected automatically by the hardware and cannot be changed. (Some speakers selections may not be available on all models.)
  • Output Meters - these meters indicate audio signals leaving the SRS process.
  • ? button - brings up this help documentation.

Advanced Controls

The Advanced Controls are accessed by clicking on the Advanced tab located at the bottom of the window. Based upon the content and output settings, all or a subset of these controls will appear.



  • SRS® 3D Center Level - determine the amount of center present in the stereo field.
  • SRS® 3D Space Level - choose the width of the stereo field.
  • SRS TruBass® Level - regulate the amount of perceptual bass effect added to the output.
  • SRS FOCUS™ Level - control the elevation of the stereo image.
  • SRS® Definition Level - change the amount of high frequency contouring to further improve perception and acoustic space.
  • SRS Dialog Clarity™ Level - control audio separation between the movie sound track and the dialog to provide clarity to speaking voices.
  • SRS TruBass® Speaker Size - set the slider to the left for small speakers, in the middle for medium speakers, and to the right for large speakers.
  • SRS TruVolume™ - Provides a level and consistent volume when playing media files.
  • Default Settings - restore the settings to the factory-installed defaults.