Microsoft Office / Office Product Key frequently asked questions - Office 2007/2010

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You can CLICK HERE to get get help finding your Office 2010 product key with this step-by-step wizard.

Office 2007 customers can access product key help through the first page of the wizard.


The Microsoft Office Product Key Card frequently asked questions article contains answers to the following questions:


  • What is the Microsoft Office Product Key Card?
  • Where do I find my Office 2010 Product Key?
  • How does the Product Key Card work?
  • I purchased the Product Key Card but there is no Product Key inside the package.
  • What is the Office 2010 preloaded single image?
  • Which software does Microsoft’s Product Key Card Terms apply to?
  • Does the Office Professional Academic 2010 work with the preloaded single image?
  • How can I tell if I have Office 2010 preloaded on my PC?
  • What Office Products are available as Product Key Cards?  
  • What products are included in the Office preloaded image?  
  • I purchased the Office 2010 Product Key Card but I don’t have Office 2010 preloaded on my computer. What should I do?
  • How long does it take to download Microsoft Office 2010?
  • What is Click-to-Run?  
  • I tried to download Office 2010, but my Product Key was rejected. What do I do?  
  • Can I download a 64-bit version of Office 2010?  
  • How many licenses /installations do Office Product Key Cards allow?  
  • How many licenses /installations are allowed with the traditional Office discs version?  
  • Can I install an Office Product Key Card on more than one PC?  
  • How do I install Office 2010?  
  • I have the Office 2007 Works/Trial already installed on my PC, do I need to uninstall the trial prior to downloading Office 2010?
  • Can I install Microsoft Office 2010 on my netbook PC?  
  • Are the system requirements for the Office Product Key Card and the Traditional Disc the same?  
  • Who should I contact if I’m having trouble installing and /or activating my Office Product Key Card?  
  • If I need to reinstall my Office product what do I do?  
  • I lost my Office 2010 Product Key, what should I do?  
  • I purchased the Product Key Card, can I order a backup DVD?  
  • I need help with my Office 2010 upgrade, who should I contact for support?  


The Microsoft Office Product Key Card frequently asked questions article contains answers to the above questions.