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battery replacement


Hello. Just looking 'downt the road a bit. Anyone with a Toshiba tablet have to replace the battery yet? On the Excite, I hear it's not user serviceable. It could be pricey, to an alreadt pricey tablet - however I did pick mine up new on E-Bay for $299 ":smileysurprised:)







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Re: battery replacement

My thinking is that anyone that has had the battery on their Excite replaced had it done under warranty. Once these tablets begin to go out of warranty, I'm sure Toshiba will have a fixed price for their replacements. Between parts, labor and shipping, getting the battery replaced will be an expensive repair. 


With the way the new technology keeps changing and getting better for the buck, the smart move maybe to ditch old Excite and get something newer, with 4G, more memory and a better screen. 


The other thing that I am seeing is that in order to make everything as thin and light as possible, most of these new tablets are glued together without a user replaceable option any where.

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Re: battery replacement

I saw a teardown on the tablet a day or two ago.  Looks like a spudger and a screwdriver is all you need.