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Several Excite AT300 Issues

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Hello all, I recently purchased an Excite AT300 (16GB) model and have experienced some issues so far.


1. The issue that I experienced today was the tablet kept powering down by itself. The battery was at about 26% and when I would power on the device, it would boot up, and power down almost immediately. At first I thought it would be some kind of power setting where if the battery falls below a certain % it will power down, so I checked the settings and there was nothing similar to that enabled. I proceeded to connect the tablet into the power supply and I no longer had this issue, because it was charging. This will become a great inconvenience if the device will power down at a certain battery %. 


2. The other problem I have been having is with the SD Card. I recently purchased an SD Card from Amazon (SanDisk) and tried it out on the tablet. The device recognizes the card, but I am unable to copy stuff to the card. At first I figured that maybe the card wasn't formatted, so I put it into my pc and formatted it (Fat 32). I tried again and still the same problem with the tablet. My pc reads/writes from the SD Card just fine, so now I'm thinking that maybe the card isn't compatible with the tablet. Is there a list of compatible SD Cards with the Excite AT300 (16GB)? I downloaded two programs from the droid market to try and help me troubleshoot, and so far here are my results:

SD Tools: App will not read/write to the card. It doesn't give me any read/write speeds and tells me that there was an error reading the card. Maybe the app isn't compatible with tablets.

Astro: When i click on the sd card, it tells me that no directory exists, and asks me if i would like to create one. When i click on yes, it tells me there was an error writing to the card. When i try to copy files to the card (using the tablet) it tells me that i do not have permissions (denied).


Has anybody else had these issues? 

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Re: Several Excite AT300 Issues

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I've been using an AT305-T32 for about a week now. I have not seen an issue like your spontaneous power-down. I did, however, get up one morning to find it showing the boot animation--indeed, my wife said it had been showing it for a long time. When I force-reset it and got it back booted the battery usage graph made it look like it had been stuck there for several hours. Go figure. I have not seen it before or since.


As to your second problem, I saw exactly this problem when trying an SD card in my wife's (then) new Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. After some research, I found that there was some design change in Android between Gingerbread (v. 2.3) and Honeycomb (v. 3.0) that changed how Android mounts removable memory like this. Don't recall all the details, but this is an Android thing. With some googling you can probably find the story I can't recall.


What I found then and just re-confirmed on the Excite is that the native File Manager (Samsung in that case or Toshiba in the case of the Excite) is somehow smart enough or secure enough or something to work with the SD memory. (Not sure why the file manager apps can't or won't work the same way.) I just used the Toshiba File Manager to copy a file both to and from the SD card.

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Re: Several Excite AT300 Issues

Anyone get a portable hard drive to work with excite 10 also HDMI hook. Up will not work help if you can
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Re: Several Excite AT300 Issues

Yes both work fine.  I have attached a 500gb ntfs file and a 4gb usb thumb drive fat 32 and both worked fine.  My sd slot always has a microsd 32gb memory in a standard sd adapter plugged in and it always works.