Re: Post 3. Question 3. Wireless connectivity.

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Post 3. Question 3. Wireless connectivity.

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And, yes. Another question.
I have noticed that when using the built in broweser I am frequently disconnected from the internet. There is a delay and then i can reload the page.
This is occuring both on a secure home network and on public networks.
At any given time I have up to 5 devices associated with my router, and this only happens with the tablet.
On my home network I have checked my router settings; I have removed all other devices; I have tried different channels.
I've double (and triple) checked all my settings.
Any suggestions?

(Edit:::::: I've noticed that I don't have this problem with the Dolphin HD browser. I guess that means that the logical choice is to switch...unless Toshiba rolls out an update.)

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Re: Post 3. Question 3. Wireless connectivity.

I don't know why the pre-installed browser would be doing that, but switching might be the easiest solution.

- Peter
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Re: Post 3. Question 3. Wireless connectivity.

switching over to Dolphin has worked out fine.
the annoying thing is that i cannot uninstall the stock browser.
am I correct in assuming that rooting my tablet will void the warranty?