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Post 1, Question 1. ICS for Excite 10LE?

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I recently purchased the Excite 10LE 32gb.   I have to say that I'm quite happy with it. I'm a lifelong geek who became an early fan of toshiba products (most notably the Portege). I find them to be a little pricey, but they've always been reliable for me (the same cannot be said for many other brands).


I just have a few questions. For the sake of sanity, I'll pose each question in a seperate post.  If this approach is bothersome, please dont hesitate to say so.


The tablet came loaded with android 3.2.1.  I purchased this tablet because it was advertised as upgradeable to android 4.0 (ICS). 
I'm just wondering when the update will be available.


So. That's question 1.




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Re: Post 1, Question 1. ICS for Excite 10LE?

As far as I'm aware, no date has been announced.


The @ToshibaUSA Twitter account posted a message saying that "We are targeting the end of Spring for ICS availability on the Thrive 10-inch." That's a different product, but that's the only information given.

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Re: Post 1, Question 1. ICS for Excite 10LE?

Well thanks for the response.