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Light bleed.

There are many complains about Toshiba Excite 10 tablets having a lot of light bleed. I noticed it as well on a few tablets I tested in Best Buy and other places. Do you guys have the light bleed on your units? Is Toshiba aware of this issue and trying to fix it?


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Re: Light bleed.

I have no issues with mine.  You do see the light when it boots with a black screen, but under normal use, I see no issues.

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Re: Light bleed.

For some people the problem is a little more severe and I can certainly understand the frustration , especially when you've paid a premium price above the competition that doesn't have the problem. I hope Toshiba doesn't think that light bleeding is natural occurrence associated with LCD technology like those incompetent manufactures who think its justified to have dead pixels.

What causes light bleed anyway?
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Re: Light bleed.

I completely agree with your statement. Dead pixels on delivery are NOT acceptable. I do have a very slight light bleed. As others have stated, it's mostly notable on boot-up. I have no issues with it, because it is not noticable most other times, with the exception of trying to watch a movie on a flight when the cabin is blacked-out.