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Front and back protectors for Excite

I'm noticing a few scratches on the back cover of my tablet . . . trying to avoid making it worse.

I didnt see any Excite-specific covers @


Anyone ever tried this:


Or, any recommendations? 


thanks in advance.

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Re: Front and back protectors for Excite

I tried the Armor Suit covers (clear). They work great. Perfect fit. Relatively easy to apply.

The screen hasnt really lost any sensitivity or responsiveness - and it feels brick tough.


A note: if you're applying the cover and make a mistake - which can be a pain  - there really isnt that much wet "solution" that comes with the product.  If you want to shift the protector it's wise to make more solution.
I used a 50/50 mix of water and 70% isopropyl alcohol. apply liberally to the adhesive side of the cover.

Worked great.
To test it, I repositioned it 6 times.  It's still crystal clear.

Just be sure to clean the screen and apply plenty of solution to the adhesive side of the cover before reapplying the screen cover.



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Re: Front and back protectors for Excite

I understand the new model is a little thicker, but otherwise it it dimensionally the same - will this product also fit these latest models?