Excite Write and Pro Software Updates

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Excite Write and Pro Software Updates

Last night I found two updates from Toshiba for my Excite Write and assume the same applies to the Pro.

The first is a small fix for the video camera, which has for me at least, fixed the odd blurring / macro issue.

The second is a larger ~220MB Android update. The system is still 4.2.1 but I have found my tablet now runs significantly cooler under normal usage conditions. CPU-ID would regularly report a sensor temperature of ~50C but now reflects the cooler temp of ~40C with normal use.

I would like to add that although the sensor reports these readings, they definitely do not feel 50C/40C on the device's case.

Other than the reduced temperature, I have not noticed any other significant differences. Device responsiveness seems a little snappier, though this could be a placebo.

If anyone would be able to run and post up benchmark scores before/after it might be helpful.

I'll update this post if I find anything else out.